Huntington Beach Jail Information

The Huntington Beach Jail is located at 2000 Main Street, Huntington Beach, California. It can hold up to 56 males and 16 females. It also has a facility of for 8 male and 4 female sentenced workers. Each inmate in Huntington Beach Jail can be visited from 2 PM to 4 PM daily. The length of each visit shall be a maximum of 15 minutes. They are very strict with the time and will give a warning if it is near the time limit so the visitors will know and can wrap up what they have to say to the inmate.

Required documents

It won’t be easy for a visitor to talk to an inmate as they are required to surrender a government issued ID with a recent picture in it and fill out a jail visitor’s form before they are even allowed in the visitors area. Each inmate can’t have more than two visitors per day and that will be effective immediately a day after they are moved into the facility.

Vistor’s Search

All visitors will be searched for weapons and contraband before entering the jail facility. After the visiting session is over, the visitor will once again be searched for weapons, contraband and damage in case the detained person caused any type of damage to the visitor. If the visitors have any packages or letters for the inmate, they won’t be able to give it to him personally. They must leave it with the detention officer for it to be approved first. For the detention officer to identify who the visitor really is, the visitor must have his identity verified through the California Law Enforcement Automated Systems.

Visiting Exceptions

The visiting hours does not apply to an attorney or a clergy who has to visit the client. They must submit an identification document to prove that they are indeed representing the inmate. If they are caught with a fake ID then they might end up going to jail too for misrepresentation.

Detention officers

All 18 detention officers in the Huntington Beach Jail have undergone extensive training through the STC supervisory training. They are responsible for operating the Huntington Beach Jail. The entire extensive recruitment process of each detention officer includes written exams, oral exams, background check, psychological examination, drug testing and polygraph. They receive continued training about the facilities of Huntington Beach Jail. They book and screen the inmates entering the jail.

Jail health care

There are also four licensed nurse detention officers in the Huntington Beach Jail. They are tasked with performing all sorts of medical tasks to the inmates including checking their blood pressure and getting blood samples to be submitted to the Department of Justice’s Offender Database. They also take the necessary procedures that will reveal whether or not the inmate was driving under the influence of alcohol.

Daily duties

The professional detention officers perform several functions every day including informing the inmates about their ability to contact their families, friends, lawyers and making sure the inmates get the three basic meals a day. They also handle the release of inmates or transfer to court if they have hearings.