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Anyone arrested within in the city limits of Huntington Beach, CA will be taken to the Huntington Beach Police Station Jail for booking and housing. The jail itself is a “Type I” jail facility capable of housing arrestees up to their first court date called the arraignment. In most cases, arrestees will see a judge within 48 business hours. It is possible that an inmate will be transferred to Orange County Main Jail in Santa Ana, CA for a variety or reasons anytime after they are booked into custody. We can prevent an arrestee from being transferred to the county by contacting the jail directly to notify them that we are bonding an arrestee out from their facility. It is important to contact us immediately so we can start the bail process to stop any transfers. The Huntington Beach Jail is open 24 hours to accept bail bonds and release arrestees from their custody.

What We Need to Start

  • Defendant’s name
  • Defendant’s age
  • Defendant’s booking number (if available)
  • Any other pertinent info
  • Callers contact info

After receiving the defendant’s personal information, we will call the jailer directly to get the full bail information including bail amount, charges, booking status, and all other information needed to post the bond. The jail typically takes an hour or two to book an arrestee into their custody.

Booking & Bail Bonds

When an individual arrives at the Huntington Beach Jail, they are booked into custody through a standard procedure that every arrestee goes through. the inmate’s personal information is collected, their property is collected, logged and stored, their picture is taken and a copy of their finger prints are taken electronically. Lastly, the jail runs a background check on every individual to ensure they have no outstanding warrants, holds or any other issues that may alter their bail amount or prevent them from bailing out altogether. The jail will not accept any bail bonds prior to an individual completing the booking process.

Our Process

We are the most flexible and fastest Angels Bail Bonds in Huntington Beach Ca. In most cases, all we need is an “indemnitor” who is the guarantor, to sign and guarantee that the defendant will appear to each and every court date. We typically don’t require any collateral and will approve the bond over the phone. Once we have the bail amount(s) and charges we can start our side of the paper work which includes a bail application, bail bond, and payment agreements. All of our paper work takes about 15 minutes to complete and can be done anywhere. We provide bail by phone where all the paper work is done electronically. The fastest way to bail anyone out is to meet one of our licensed bail bondsmen in the lobby of the Huntington Beach Police Station. We can also meet the indemnitor at our office or where ever they are for no additional cost. Once the paper work in completed, we turn the bail bond in directly to the jailer. It takes the jail approximately 5-10 minutes to release a defendant directly into the jail lobby. Once the defendant is out, they have to complete their side of the paper work and then they are free to go.

Flexible Bail Programs

  • Bail By Phone
  • Bail Now, Pay Later
  • 0% Down O.A.C.
  • 0% Interest Payment Plans
  • No Collateral Needed
  • Easy Payment Plans

Have questions? Need more information? No problem. Give one of our licensed bail agents a call anytime for a free, no obligation consultation. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 714-916-5509


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